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2014.Amiad ABF Filters for the Pinios Dam


2016. Irrigation Design - Suda & Mikra War Cemeteries


2014.Flisvos Marina: FLOVAC expands the Vacuum System

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Landscape Irrigation Design


Large Scale Landscape Irrigation Design and Supervision

H. Gerpinis SA have co-operated with some of the best Consultants and Contractors in Greece for the design and supervision of large scale Landscape Irrigation Projects. Most of these Projects also include the selection and design of the Irrigation Control Scheme as well.

These projects include the Irrigation Design of the Motorways Concessions Projects, Olympic Projects (Athens Tram, Athens Equestrian, Olympic Sailing Center), all the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemeteries in Greece, and numerous abroad, and large scale Central Water Distribution and Irrigation Projects in big Municipalities.

Our partners include Consultants such as ELTEME Ltd, NAMA S.A., Zeris-Antonaropouls Ltd, and Contractors such as AKTOS SA, TERNA S.A and  J&P-Avax SA. See here a more detailed List of Projects in which H.GERPINIS SA has been involved as a major, specialized partner.

H.GERPINIS SA have a 40 years experience in providing Irrigation Solutions in large scale Public and Private Sector Projects, with each different solution tailored to the customer’s needs and local conditions. We are providing fully documented designs, in co-operation with experienced and specialized consultants of Electromechanical as well as Architectural/Static Works.



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